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Ankle Pain

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Ankle pain can make walking, standing, and all your other daily movements nearly impossible — and that’s a sign that you need expert help now before it becomes worse. The skilled podiatrists at The Foot & Ankle Specialists, with locations in Lapeer, Caro, and Bay City, Michigan, offer all-encompassing evaluation and management. Get the help you need by calling the office closest to you or booking online now.

Ankle Pain Q & A

What problems occur at the same time as ankle pain?

Ankle pain can include nearly any kind of discomfort or pain, from a dull ache to a sharp stabbing pain. Often, pain is not the only issue, though. Common accompanying issues can include:

  • Ankle instability - feeling like your ankle is giving out
  • Ankle weakness - feeling like your ankle can't support your weight 
  • Ankle swelling 
  • Ankle skin discoloration

Whether your ankle pain has additional symptoms or not, it's important to see the podiatrists at The Foot and Ankle Specialists as soon as possible for diagnosis and care. 

What causes ankle pain?

There are a large number of possible causes. Some of the most common reasons for ankle pain include: 

  • Ankle sprain, a ligament stretch or tear
  • Ankle strain, a muscle or tendon stretch or tear
  • Arthritis
  • Tissue or joint inflammation
  • Ankle swelling
  • Ankle bone fracture
  • Tarsal tunnel syndrome, a type of peripheral neuropathy

There may also be a connection between ankle pain and other problems. It's important to learn the underlying cause of your ankle pain. The team uses technologically advanced digital X-Ray imaging and other state-of-the-art diagnostic testing to find out why your pain started, so they can formulate an optimal recovery plan.

What is the best treatment for ankle pain?

Treatment depends on how the pain started and what your specific symptoms are. Often, ankle pain treatment begins with ankle stabilization. The Foot and Ankle Specialists has a durable medical equipment (DME) license that allows them to dispense necessary equipment like braces, walking boots, and splints as needed for ankle stabilization. 

As your ankle heals, you may need treatments such as physical therapy or steroid injections. In cases where short-term medication is indicated, The Foot and Ankle Specialists offer electronic prescribing for easy pharmacy pick-up.

In some cases, you might need ankle surgery to repair a bone fracture or other types of an internal ankle damage. The board-certified providers at The Foot and Ankle Specialists have extensive training in arthroscopic surgery and other state-of-the-art ankle surgery techniques to ensure a safe surgery and rapid recovery. 

The team uses an all-encompassing evaluation and complete management techniques to ensure that you get the ankle pain relief you need in the most effective way. 

For ankle pain care from a team that really cares for you, call The Foot and Ankle Specialists, or use online booking now.