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Foot Surgery

The Foot & Ankle Specialists

Podiatric Medicine & Foot and Ankle Surgeons located in Lapeer, MI, Caro, MI, & Bay City, MI

With all that your feet have to do each day, from walking to climbing to supporting your entire body weight, it's not a shock that they're vulnerable to damage and pain. In some cases, changes in the bones of your feet mean that foot surgery is the only way to reliably alleviate symptoms. That’s the time when you need foot surgery experts like The Foot & Ankle Specialists in Lapeer, Caro, and Bay City, Michigan. Call the office near you or book your foot surgery consultation online now.

Foot Surgery Q & A

What conditions require foot surgery?

A number of conditions could potentially require foot surgery, especially if you don't get treatment when you have initial symptoms of foot pain, swelling, skin lesions, and other problems. Some of the many possible reasons for foot surgery include:

  • Flatfoot, when you don't have a foot arch
  • Bone or cartilage deterioration from osteoarthritis or rheumatoid arthritis
  • Non-healing fractures 
  • Ligament tears or ruptures that don’t respond to conservative treatment
  • Rigid hammertoe that causes permanent clawlike toes
  • Severe bunions that distort foot structure
  • Bursitis that causes severe swelling in the bursa that cushion your joints
  • Corns that grow very deep into your tissue

The Foot and Ankle Specialists team performs corrective foot surgery, and also ankle surgery, for all types of problems affecting your feet and ankles.

What are the different foot surgery techniques?

The Foot and Ankle Specialists team uses all the latest surgical techniques and protocols to give you excellent results with minimal recovery time. 

Whenever possible, the surgical team uses minimally invasive techniques like arthroscopy, in which they create two or more tiny incisions and then perform the entire surgery through those openings with help from a miniature camera and light source.

The team stays up-to-date with all the new surgical advances so they can always offer the best foot surgery options for you.

What can I expect in foot surgery recovery?

Recovery after foot surgery depends on the exact procedure you have, but in general, most patients are up and moving around fast thanks to the high-tech procedures The Foot and Ankle Specialists uses. After your surgery, you may need some type of durable medical equipment (DME) such as a splint or walking boot. The Foot and Ankle Specialists team has a DME license so they can give you any equipment you need onsite for your surgery. 

If you need medication like antibiotics and/or pain relievers after your foot surgery, it’s extra convenient, thanks to electronic prescriptions. 

The Foot and Ankle Specialists team offers the best foot surgery with state-of-the-art techniques. Call the office nearest you or book online now.