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Foot And Ankle Fractures

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Fractures can be agonizingly painful, and if you drop a heavy weight on your foot or crack an ankle bone, you’re likely to experience severe pain. At The Foot & Ankle Specialists in Lapeer, Caro, and Bay City, Michigan, providing prompt and effective treatment for a foot or ankle fracture is a specialty, and the practice has onsite digital X-ray technology to give you immediate results. Call The Foot & Ankle Specialists today to find out more or schedule an appointment using the online booking form.

Fractures Q & A

What is a fracture?

A fracture is a break in a bone. Fractures come in several different forms, and range in severity. A simple transverse fracture, for instance, is a clean break across the bone that might not require surgery. 

More serious fractures are compression fractures, where the bone gets crushed or flattened, and compound fractures, where the bone is exposed. Ankles are prone to spiral fractures, where the break forms a spiral shape around the bone. 

Stress fractures are also more common in the lower limbs. They develop over time, following physical exertion or repetitive strain that causes tiny fractures in the bone. As more microfractures develop, the bone becomes increasingly painful, and might eventually give way.

What are the common causes of foot and ankle fractures?

Fractures of the bones in your foot are most likely to be caused by dropping something on your foot or squashing your foot under something heavy. Other causes of foot fractures include:

  • Abnormal foot structure
  • Osteoporosis
  • Inappropriate footwear

Ankle fractures typically occur when the foot bends too far in or out, which is also how you sprain your ankle. Sprains and fractures are both painful injuries that limit function, so you might not know whether you’ve sprained a ligament, broken a bone, or both.

It’s essential to know to ensure you get the right treatment, so you should visit The Foot and Ankle Specialists as soon as possible.

What are the symptoms of foot and ankle fractures?

Foot and ankle fractures usually cause significant pain and, depending on the nature of the break, could be very indeed. Your foot and ankle are likely to swell noticeably, and the swelling could continue up your leg.

You’ll probably be finding it difficult to walk, not just because it hurts but because the ankle or foot doesn’t feel stable or strong enough to support your weight. Your foot might look different, too; perhaps lumpy, or with discolored skin or bruising. Sometimes blisters develop on the skin after a fracture.

If you can see down to the bone because of a deep wound, or there’s a bone protruding through your skin, you should seek emergency medical attention. These types of open or compound fractures carry a far higher risk of infection and complications.

How are fractures treated?

Different types of fractures need different treatment approaches. If you have symptoms of a foot or ankle fracture, the team at The Foot and Ankle Specialists has technologically advanced digital X-ray imaging onsite to provide you with an immediate diagnosis.

Your provider can sometimes set simple fractures by manipulating the bones to realign them, then immobilize the foot with a splint or cast. Other types of fractures require surgery to repair the broken bones, remove bone fragments, and fix the surrounding soft tissues. With same-day or next-day appointments, you can benefit from a full fracture care service at The Foot and Ankle Specialists, including an in-office supply of immobilization medical equipment (depending on insurance coverage).

If you have a painful foot or ankle or suspect a fracture, call The Foot and Ankle Specialists today or book an appointment online.